JPEmail 2.30

JPEmail 2.30



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Date Added:02 April, 2013

Author: JPE Consulting, LLP.

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Email list manager and mailer! This is the greatest tool around for maintaining email lists and contacts. With JPEmail you no longer need to worry about sending duplicate messages to the same contacts or sending messages to contacts 2 weeks in a row by mistake.


* Create an unlimited number of email lists! *
* Create an unlimited number of email contacts! *
* Assign email contacts to email lists! Send your message to the list!
* Create and save an unlimited number of email messages! Select and re-use your email messages each time!! *
* With it's built in tracking features, allows for the prevention of duplicate mailings to the same contact(s) within a specified period of time!
* You control which contacts within a list get sent a message by specifying a 'cutoff' date for which each contact was last sent a message!
* Built in Email Engine, no additional email software is needed! **
* Email messages can contain embedded HTML!
* Email messages can include attachments!
* Import email contacts from popular email programs such as Emailing List Pro, and Outlook Express (.csv files) and from the SBT Accounting customers file.
* Ability to test your message by sending yourself the message with only one mouse click!
* Ability to pre-test a batch-email-send to see exactly who will receive the message without actually sending the message!
* Tracks each date and time a contact is sent a message and the number of times a contact has been sent to!
* Tracks each date and time a list is sent to and the number of times a list has been sent to!
* Tracks each date and time a message is sent and how many times it has been sent!
* Email log displays all email activity with successes and failures!
* Reports - contacts per state, contacts per list, unassigned contacts, etc...
* Written in 32 bit Visual Foxpro 6 with VFP6 data files.

Systems: Win95, Win98, WinME

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